Now for the CTC we knew that our Trimming was more a breaking position than a trim and that acceleration out of the low 3000 revs was miles per minute. I well remember to have a bet with Vee after the Race on running 3800 revs when he came alongside in the 100 at 65mph and he would bet I think 10000pds on that being wrong, but it still is (if trimmed in) our matching number for the speed.
In short terms we were completely wrong prepared for the CTC.

Hering didn't deliver short props in time. Eric said changing gears or drive ratios is too late and no material available either.
So, all we could do was hoping for a weather fairing in the last minute as in 2009, when we had a force 8 on the night before but 17knots while the race was on. Still it was very rough 2009, but much easier to cope with.
Cinzano left The Haven nose flying high compared to others as Silverline.
On the various shots of us jumping the seas the level was better then exemplary the Apache 41 and others always flying nose up, but to the cost of speed.
If we had kept about a 100 galons in the forward tank until we needed them it would have worked as in Ireland, but the tank was gone...
Now the race.
Shortly after the start we reached speeds where my conservative trim was slowing us down and we ended up following Hot Lemon into Lyme Bay.
The Surprise was a Scorpion RIB twin boat to theirs making good speed and by the Skerries we had as much distance to them as they to Hot Lemon.

The Episode when 111 made the extreme sidemovement had them in front, but not far either.
Our part came heading towards the Skerrie Mark and eating up the distance even to Hot Lemon.
We were seeing 6000 revs on the gauge with a bit of help from the strong wind after turning outwards again. Still not knowing the SOG, but we measured 95mph on 5300 revs in Ireland on the 32"pitch props.
After I got the Yellowbrick tracker data it unfortunately had invalid information on this part showing us somewhere in Devon on the Hard and marked invalid, but I am sure we well exceeded the 100mph barrier for a minute or so.
I had the trim plates on -1 even at that speed and it stabilized the side wash well.
Now down the Seas we found a relaxed but still relative slow pattern that had us landing much nicer then before against the seas and the uprevving of the engines was not too often showing us flying detached.
We only once had a bit of green water coming over nearer to Portland, but nothing in comparison to specific other people...
As it still was a 'slow' speed I expected HL to turn up again but they waited till the crazier patterned area around Anvil to turn up again.
I was by then a bit tired and not as much pushing forwards as the slightly better conditions might have allowed and found much motivation in having Hot Lemon to go for as an aim.

We went exactly in their wash on a sensible distance and as you can see on other pictures had caught them up just after turning into the Solent.
I still saw them being on speed but exactly as Hannes last year they stopped at virtually the same place behind us. (maybe there is a WWII U-Boot down there helping)
Well, I started to say that it happened to us in the SCM with Dean, so I know the feeling. 
Not knowing Hot Lemon being out, we went down the solent on about 85 mph with plates well down by -1.5 and drives up 1.75.This was controllable and as I was not in my best state I didn't wanted to overdo things in the chop just for showing off more speed. Still it was a trimm where within small changes a lot speed would have been available for fighting of anybody turning up unexpectedly.
Slowing down after the line I noticed how weak I was and took all available extra water and laid myself rested flat on the area behind my cockpit stand with feet level on the dash.

It helped but only after the 3rd bottle I really felt livier and on Shelleys interview I must have been quite pale and exthausted.
It took an hour or more to feel back to normal and this was never felt on any race before.
When we had to go 220 miles in Ireland even down to the Fastnet and thereafter with 12knots maximum boat speed up into a force 8 Atlantic Sea with white crests, I didn't feel that bad.
Maybe I was overfighting the harsh landings at CTC and the Coffee in the morning was a bit more, but I will be prepared and have a wet bar installed for 2011.

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