We did start much better than in the Cancer Research, but still more acceleration and more hanging on to the throttles no matter how many boat accumulate in front of you, would have given us an even better position at the startline. We managed to overtake the Sunseeker past the 'shikane' but stayed behind Drew for the leg to the Needles while 343 was around, tooIt was quite livey there and even Team 25 passed us again.

I must admit that it was a bit lesser known to me at what trim we could cope best and I was not yet aware how fast we could go save.So with a bit of non willingness to fly that fast I kept following Team 25.We still lost a bid more to them and therefore had a safe distance when they flipped round (as far as I know it was for a technical fault on the Trimm tabs).

When in the second round Drew did not round the last mark at the beach in the first attempt he had to turn again (well all Marks and Buoys were merly invisible and any Dingy Yachts race has bigger inflatable marks then we had)! This was when we past him for the first time. After I still wasn't convinced that we could go that fast against the Sea, Drew was later catching us up again.

This was good for me because the brain said that this lightweight 36 footer would not cope with more than our heftier CUV, so I followed him in enough distance to show that we are there, but not to encourage him for more.

From then on we keept overtaking him every round more or less at the Committee 'Vessel' (a Sunseeker 60 Manhattan) only to let him lead into the rough for the least possible speed at the hard bit.

Maybe this was not very brave, but at least an easy startegy if you know that you could afford it.

So it happened at the last and shortened round that we did successfully overtook him again and this time earlier at the penultimate Buoy (as planned).

We only needed to proceed for a comfortable 1st place.

BUT, as we turned that penultimate Mark, we were all three of us mislead to the wrong Buoy at the coastline and did turn in far to much!

We only acknowledged this after we came much closer to the Beach!

I trimmed in immediately. We started an S-curve to catch the right Buoy, but we lost so much speed in the two very sharp turns that Drew had plenty of way to pass by on full throttle and be comfortably ahead of us at the finish line.

This was still a very successful race for Cinzano and it gave me a little more knowledge and routine for the next race.

The wild card thing: We and everybody else was happy that Drew was joining in! But as there was no time to settle the fitting of his entry in the rules in all aspects, the Wild Card was a wise decision by the Race Committee. Therefore he could not fit in 'B' or else. We agreed to this solution as we were asked for.

I do not realy care now wether he was maybe a few milligram to light or not.I know that we had the faster boat, so it wouldn't have mattered.He won because he was pushing hard and did finish first correctly. 

I did use him to learn and accept against my nautical instinct from non racing that these boats will take that speed in such conditions.

If i had gone faster upwind we would probably have had such a comfortabel lead that the little turn at the end would not have caused us trouble.

Well, anyway we have our maximum points for winning the Marathon B class, some Silver for the chimney in Winter and a bit of Fun, too.  (wasn't at Grammar School yet...)

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